• Stoneware colander
  • Stoneware colander
  • Stoneware colander
  • Stoneware colander

Stoneware colander


Stoneware colander with soft matt vanilla glaze. Lovely for serving berries, tomatoes or anything that requires a rinse before eating. Also look lovely potted with herbs.

Thrown on the wheel using a toasted buff stoneware clay. Each colander is left to dry out for about 24 hours until it reaches the 'leather hard' stage. The holes are then made using a hand drill and the handles created and added from strips of clay.

The colanders are then left to slowly dry out in the studio for about a week before being fired in the kiln to 1000 degrees (the bisque fire) which dries and strengthens them sufficiently for them to be glazed.  The colanders are dip glazed in a soft vanilla glaze which I have also created myself, before being firing again to 1280 degrees for 24 hours. 

Price includes UK delivery 

Height: 90mm 
Diameter: 150mm
Please note that as this is a handcrafted product there may be small variations in size and colour. 

This product is in stock and can be delivered within the UK in 4 weeks
Email for International delivery.

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