• Organic Aroma Mist
  • Organic Aroma Mist
  • Organic Aroma Mist
  • Organic Aroma Mist
  • Organic Aroma Mist

Organic Aroma Mist


An Essence + Alchemy Aroma Mist hand blended organic floral waters, botanical plant oils and essential oils. Perfect for home, work and gifting. Available in 4 scents: Tranquility, Unwind, Restore and Aether, each spritz provides natural aromatherapy to your space right when you need it.
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Natural + Organic + Vegan Friendly 
100ml organic plant based aroma mists in an amber glass bottle. Beautifully gift packaged in a tube box.
Tranquility: Grounding vetiver, relaxing patchouli and geranium essential oils provide a calming perfume to your space. Mist your space and aura with this organic aromatherapy mist to bring tranquility and calm. 

Unwind: Relaxing lavender and sweet marjoram organic essential oils provide a calming and floral scent.  Mist your space and aura with this organic aromatherapy mist to soothe your mind and aid sleep.

Restore: Uplifting lemongrass and herbal essential oils provide a pure and restorative scent to uplift your space.  Mist your space and aura with this organic aromatherapy mist to help you rebalance.

Aether: A powerful botanical elixir of energising and uplifting peppermint and lemon with air cleansing, herbal essential oils. Mist your space and aura with this fresh organic aromatherapy mist to purify and clear the air and mind.
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