• Porcelain line pot
  • Porcelain line pot
  • Porcelain line pot
  • Porcelain line pot

Porcelain line pot


These guys are social creatures that like to hang out in clusters – and wherever there are friends, there’s a party!

This bowl is handmade in east London using a wheel and a bit of Aussie elbow grease. It is made in a low impact way, with the wheel and kiln powered using green energy, and with the greatest care for our planet. 

It has its own character and tells its story. Variations in shape, size, colour, texture and finish are what make it special and perfectly unique. It is designed to last, be cherished and used for a lifetime.




100% porcelain

Glaze pencil line-work

Gloss transparent glaze on the inside only

80mm Ø x 35mm height

Food safe & dishwasher safe

Please note that this is a handcrafted product, there may be small variations in size and colour



This product is in stock and can be delivered for free within the UK in 2 to 5 working days.

Please contact us for international delivery.