Giving Back

Made+Good donates 3% of all sales, split equally between the three charities below. 
Donating a % of sales is a transparent way of giving and often works out to be more than donating a higher % of profit. 
By supporting small charities our money can really make a difference.
Please click the links below if you would like to make your own donation. Thank you.

Made+Good Charity - The Flying Seagull Project


This wonderful UK charity brings play and laughter to the children that need it the most. Where safety, food or shelter are lacking, where poverty forces children into labour or where illness makes life a daily struggle. Play strengthens social bonds and reaches across isolation, it can aid recovery from trauma and help develop resilience. The Flying Seagull Project brings music, dance, games, circus shows and workshops to shanty towns, schools, hospital wards and refugee camps. They have run projects across the world, including at home in the UK, across mainland Europe, and in India, Cambodia and Ghana. They believe that happiness matters.

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Donate to The Flying Seagull Project here.

Made+Good Charity - Feedback


More than a third of the world’s food is wasted – forests are destroyed to grow more, food prices rise and across the world people go hungry. This dynamic charity runs innovative and engaging campaigns to stop food waste – including Feeding the 5000, Disco Soup, Total Bull and the Gleaning Network, that coordinates volunteers, farmers and food redistribution charities to salvage thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables that are wasted on farms across the UK and Europe – and then directs the fresh produce to people in need. Feedback works to influence public attitudes, government policies and business strategies on food waste across the world.

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Donate to Feedback here.

Made+Good Charity - Galgos Del Sol


With their long noses and almond eyes, Galgos are gentle, laid back hounds who make affectionate companions. In rural Spain they are widely used for hunting and sport and are considered disposable. When the short hunting season ends each year, tens of thousands are abandoned or killed by their owners to whom they are no longer of use. Galgos del Sol operates a rescue and rehabilitation centre and has rehomed thousands of dogs. They also generate public awareness and run education programmes in local schools to promote the care of and respect for hunting dogs.

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Donate to Galgos Del Sol here.