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14 Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors View

When you arrange a party or social gathering in your backyard, maintaining your privacy from your neighbors is not a bad idea.

If you want to make your event private and keep your neighbor away from your garden choose some cost-effective ideas like planting and fence. You can also install bamboo screens and heavy stuffed fabric to block the view of annoying people.

We have written this piece of content to help you with cheap ways to block neighbor’s view UK. So you don’t take the stress off the people who are nothing to you.

You don’t need to take stressed if your neighbors stare at you while you enjoying any social gathering, meeting, or party with your family members, colleagues, and friends in your backyard.

If you are low on the budget these days and want to block the neighbor’s view there are different budget-effective ways and architectural designs available you can opt.
Some of them are mentioned here:

14 Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors view UK

1. Protect With Outdoor Screens

You can stop your neighbor’s interference in your home-based events by using outdoor screens. There are different types of outdoor screens available in the market like fabric material and bamboo is an inexpensive way to block.

A bamboo privacy fence is made of cane, bamboo, or reed. This is not only used for protection but also adds long-term beauty to the backyard. Bamboo fencing is no doubt a great choice because it is environment-friendly and also available in rolls and panels. Bamboo fencing is easy to install and maintain as compared to brick and glass walls.

A fabric outdoor screen can change the look of the yard and also help to block unwanted views. There are several colors, designs, and size available in fabric fencing that fits flawlessly into your yard design structure. Fabric outdoor privacy screens are durable and sturdy sufficient to bear storms and heavy rain.

2. Hanging Outdoor Curtains

If you want to add privacy to your garden hanging curtains is a good choice also. You prepare this solution at home without wasting a lot of money on supplies, worker costs, and installation charges.

You can purchase good fabric from any local store, measure the size according to the yard size and add some curtain rings to hang around. You can add eyelets for better design coverage. The blackout material of fabric can limit the ultraviolet rays of the sun way it helps to reduce the temperature level inside especially on hot scorching days.

Your kids can play any game in the garden whatever in the afternoon and evening. So you can say this is the best option not only to block the view of neighbors but also to provide additional comfort in all seasons.

3. Super-Sized Planters

If you want to make your property secure and beautiful in one go, you can choose the large-size planter option. This is a cost-effective option for all people who are searching for an easy way to block their neighbor’s view.

You can order from any famous brand or design with your style with old expired tires and wooden boards.

Keep one thing in mind you need to take large and deep surface pots, at least two feet base is recommended for proper balance. A wide base helps to maintain the balance of a super-sized planter and they won’t tumble easily.

Fill out the planter with large plants to cover the neighbor view area and be suitable for the weather conditions and climate. Some of the good options are ivy, azaleas, bamboo, and ferns. This option of blockage can reduce the cost of installation and maintenance.

4. Wrapping the Trellis

Normally people like to install trellis for blocking the view from annoying people. You can get them in readymade form or can make them with your crafting skill. If you want to get a proper customized look according to your choice you can make it with wooden stakes or chicken wire. You can choose different climbing plants like glory vines, clematis, and wisteria to maintain the privacy of the yard.

A lawn lattice is a suitable option for outdoor privacy problems because it is a prominent climbing plant that can survive in an open-air environment.

5. Tall Hedges Privacy

Using tall hedges is one of the best methods to block your neighbor’s view. It is a natural-looking fence that helps to limit the view as well as add attractiveness to the yard. There are different hedges types available in the market you need to choose the best type according to the design and structure of the yard.

Forsythia, Privet, and barberry are the common good options for hedges. The addition of green hedges is a smart decision it can cover space nicely and provide proper privacy. It can help to make the area soundproof and quiet with dense greenery.

Hedges can help to absorb heat and gusts of wind, provision of extra shades with tall hedges can make the area cooler and peaceful, especially in summers.

6. Planting Trees And Bushes

Whether your place is wide or congested planting shrubs and trees is the most effective and environmentally friendly option for blocking your neighbor’s view.

If you don’t want to grow these plants around the garden like a boundary that’s ok because having plants in the yard prevents watching directly to the people.

Planting trees can develop privacy and also provide shelters for little colorful birds.

7. Grow ornamental grasses

Long grass is used as a privacy fence it can add beauty to your garden and protection from evil eyes. The greenery of the ornamental grass can add elegance and privacy at the same time.
Different shrubs and ornamental types of plants and grass take only 2 seasons for proper growth, mainly the grass including Clumping Bamboo, Zebra Grass, fountain grass, and pink hair grass.

8. Stone Wall Fencing

Stone fences are fine-looking. They maintain a natural look to your complete scenery. Stone fencing around the yard can bear terrible forces of the natural climate. Walls are strong enough to withstand in front of heavy rain, snow, heat, and wind. Insects and creepy crawlies can not damage the fence at all.

If you want to get rid of your neighbor’s evil eyes, stone wall fencing is the best reliable option for you. Fire attack never destroys the stone wall, maybe it decolorizes the stone wall but they can keep the yard safe and sound.

9. Staggered Wooden Boards

The staggered picket design allows more light in the yard but the other side view can be managed with the wooden boards. The cool breeze and proper brightness increase the outlook of your garden.

These boards are available in light shades of different colors like green, red, black, and yellow. Shrubs and plants inside and outside make this fence safer and more protected.

10. Using Fountains blocks neighbor’s views and noise

If you don’t want to see your neighbors eye to eye and their voice is like a mess for you in such cases you need to opt for a different privacy plan. Installation of the fountain in the center of the yard can help to reduce unwanted sounds. Now you are not the focal point of your near people because the fountain covers the front faces.

11. Hanging Greeneries

Greenery always keeps your mind fresh and active also hanging greenery around your garden can limit unwanted people. According to the people, it is a floral representation of your garden in a beautiful way but only you know it’s a backyard isolation concept.

The best thing about hanging greeneries is its reasonable cost and low maintenance. Roses, jasmine, and morning glory vines are the best addition to the garden to enhance beauty and privacy.

12. Install A Fence

Installing a boundary around your patio can add an extra level of privacy to your family functions. There are different fences materials available in the market like wooden fences, Chain link fences, metal fences, vinyl fences, and composite fences.

Metal and wood fences are recommended for better protection at a reasonable price. Metal fences are sturdy and rigid beneficial to resisting wind and cloudy storms.

13. Hog Wire Fencing

Get framing welded wire for custom fencing, sometimes this fencing is called field fence or hog wire fencing. For this fencing different sizes of panels are available in the market you can choose according to your requirements and wishes. Also, you can purchase some field-fancing material as a roll.

14. Setup Pergola

The construction of the pergola is a very attractive addition to the backyard. A wooden setup can block the view without disturbing the overall look of the yard. It’s wood columns and we can support this barrier against annoying eyes.

You can create customized pergolas according to you there are different things you keep in mind lighting, attractiveness, space, size, built-in LED lights, etc.


Can I Block My Neighbour’s annoying view with the installation of windows?

Yes, you can block them by installing a window but you need to check your government regulations first. Also, you need to have a permit letter to perform this task.

Is it allowed to take a Video of My Property?

You can take video shorts in a public area as a residential area is a private place for the family so it is illegal to capture video of your property.

Is it ok to Block My Neighbour’s View By Installing A Wall?

Installation of the wall is not illegal but this is a heavy budget task for a normal person. Before installing of wall fence around the garden you must take permission from the local government to avoid any complications in the future.

Conclusive Thoughts

With the above-mentioned 14 cheap ways to block neighbors view, we hope you are feeling relaxed now and you don’t need to think twice before inviting your friends and family members to your backyard.

In 2022 we lived in populated areas having a private backyard and outdoor space for a social gathering is rare. Read the above methods and block annoying neighbors’ views and enjoy the outdoor party in peace.

Choose the best option of a fence or any other type to block evil eyes and enjoy peaceful official meetings and family events.

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