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What’s the Difference Between Matt and Silk Paint

Do you want to renovate your home and reform a room? Or you are worried about choosing which color suits and matches your furniture color scheme. Paint is used to protect, decorate and extend the life of natural and unreal material and works as a barrier against environmental circumstances. You can choose matt or silk paint depending upon where you want to color. This article discusses the difference between silk and matt colors and recommendations to help you choose the best colors and make your home beautiful.

Finding the best paint for your place is a very difficult task, particularly regarding what finish paint to choose. To resolve this problem, we do detailed research about silk and matt paint which help you choose the right one for your place.

Get to know the difference Between Matt and Silk Paint

Matt Paint:

Matt paint is typically used to color external walls and ceilings inside. It becomes dry in almost 2 hours, but if you want a second coat, it may be applied after 4 hours. Matt varnish is suitable for stucco, plasterboard, hardboard, wallpaper, and brick. Matt paint is used if the walls are flawed because it can absorb light and hide imperfections. So, matt finish is preferred by contractors because it helps to hide holes and invisible patchy areas. If the surface is cracked and needs a touch-up, matt paint, and touch-up look the same, no one can find any touch-up.


  • It gives a flat and modern finish.
  • Finish with more sheen shows more imperfections on the wall, and a soft finish covers more imperfections.
  • It may appear more uniform even when applied badly to its ability to hide imperfections.


  • Matt emulsions have low durability which is not suitable for high-traffic rooms.
  • It can be less flexible.

Silk paint:

Silk is sold as paint, but usually, it blends with a sheen or gloss reflecting light. Silk paint provides a plain finish and is resistant to scruff, making it washable. It is mostly used in high traffic, such as in the kitchen, living room, and kid’s rooms, to remove marks easily. It does not hide imperfections. Wash the brush and roller with water after applying silk paint.


  • It comes with higher durability and is good for traffic rooms.
  • Add sheen provides a lighter and more expensive feel to a room.


  • Higher levels of sheen show imperfections on a wall than matt.
  • More disposed to brush strokes.

What is paint sheen?

“Sheen” is used to describe how glossy a paint finish will be. If the higher sheen, the glossier will paint the look. Paint with a higher sheen when dry will be quite reflective and look wet due to its shine. Paint with less sheen is less reflective, usually found in matt paint. Sheen completely transforms the walls, so selecting sheen is also essential if you choose the paint.

Which is better, silk or Matt Paint?

Matt paint blend provides a smooth and non-reflective finish and it is perfect for a modern look that hides external imperfections. Silk paint blend is attractive high sheen paint with light reflecting stuff making it the best choice to make a room look bigger. Uniform and satin paint is best for internal walls, while gloss paint is good for slimming and turning. Smooth and satin paint is a shell finish with a modest shine, so it’s a great choice if you’re not prepared for satin.

Final Thought:

If you are worried because of selecting paint for furnishing your home. Silk and matt paint are both good; silk paint is blended with sheen and is mostly used in more traffic rooms like kid’s room and kitchen. From silk painting, marks are easily cleaned. Matt paint is usually used on exterior walls and ceilings to hide imperfections from the wall. So, if you want to choose the best color for your house then read this article in detail.

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