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How to Remove Tile Adhesive from Floor

Removal of adhesive is not an easy job; you need to know what steps you need to follow. Some people think the removal of adhesive is not possible, so they decide to replace the tiles. There are different ways to remove tile adhesive easily.

If you have shifted to a new house and you don’t like the house infrastructure & interior design. You want to put new wallpaper on walls, but adhesive sticks to the wall firmly. Now you have two options in your mind first, to change the tiles, and another one is how to remove adhesive from the tiles.

Replacing the tiles is not an easy task, you need to spend enough budget to replace the tiles. And for the second option, you need to put some hard effort to remove mortar. Here we will explain some easy methods to take off adhesive easily.

What things do you need to remove adhesive from tiles?

There are different methods used to remove glue from the tiles. In every method, we need to have some important things like Warm water, Clean clothes, an electric hammer, protective sheets, Scraper, a steamer, buckets, and a floor grinder.

The person who is trying to remove this mess needs some protective gear, like a face mask, gloves, respirator, and goggles.

Steps to follow to Remove Adhesive from Tiles

Once you have gathered the necessary tools, follow the steps to remove the adhesive without damaging your floor tiles. Common people follow this method for a better cleaning process.

Ask for Help

Whether you need help or not depends on the workload. If you need to remove adhesive from a large area, you should certainly call your helpers to perform this job. On the other hand, if the place is small, like a washroom, you can do it individually.


Removal of tile adhesive is not a cup of tea, and it will create a dusty environment around. The solution to this problem is to keep the floor wet until the process is not finished. It is advised you don’t need to wet the entire floor, just spread water on working place. Here you need to wear Goggles, a respirator and gloves for your protection. In the dusty vicinity, a respirator helps you to breathe easily.


On the basic level, hammering is the best way to choose, especially for small areas. A regular hammer can help to remove the glue from the tiles, but if it is more sticky, you need to call the electric hammer with the chisel. By using an electric hammer, you can save your time and hard work in performing this job.

Scrapping and Grinding

A manual scraper is an alternative way to remove adhesive from tiles. Same as an electric hammer power scraper take short time to complete your task. Grinding can remove extra material from the floor, it works in a circular motion and spreads a lot of dust.

Removing old tile adhesive from walls

Warm water and steaming are the safest methods to clean mortar from tiles. This can be initial try to remove. If you find the material is stubborn to remove, then call any adhesive remover for a quick solution

How to remove tile adhesive using warm water

Sometimes warm water can help you to solve your problem. It helps to remove stubborn material from the surface. Staying warm water on adhesive can loosen the material. Read the process if you want to opt for this solution.

Protect the tiles of the floor.

Spread some protective sheets on the floor to avoid more destruction from fallen residue.

Dip a fabric in warm water

Soak the piece of cloth in warm water, and the water should be warm enough as you can handle it easily. Spread the water or keep a warm water cloth on the adhesive to loosen the stubborn material.

Scrape off the paste

Once you feel mortar is no more stubborn, you can scrap it off with 4 inches scrappers. You need to repeat this process until the final goal is not achieved.

Clean up.

If you spread the protective sheets, it will help you to sum up the fallen residue on the sheets. You can easily sweep out residue from sheets without taking too much effort.

Conclusive Thoughts

We hope now you will be able to remove adhesive from the walls tiles. We mentioned different methods above for cleaning. The easiest way warm water method. Here you just need hot water to soak the tiles. Use a scrapper for adhesive off. By using this method, you can clean the surface by just wiping it out. If you feel this material is more stubborn and you cant handle it by yourself, call the professional adhesive remover for a better and quick solution.

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