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Where to Put TV in Living Room with Bay Window

Your TV usually impacts how a living room feels and appears. This area of the house has to be configured optimally because the majority of people will spend a lot of time here. This involves devoting time to choosing where to position the television in the living room with the bay window.

Bay windows are stunning architectural elements that are typically seen in older buildings. They are made up of three distinct window panels that project from the interior space, adding architectural interest, greater space, and more natural light to the area, whether it be a living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

The most common time for bay windows was the Victorian era, especially in the British Isles, and what makes them so amazing is that they provide a vast array of architectural possibilities. Because of their unusual design, you’ll need to think outside the box when it comes to window treatment options of setting your TV in the living room with the bay window because a typical setting may not work.

Usually, it’s best to place a TV along the side wall in a living room with a bay window. This ensures the natural light doesn’t produce glare that harms the TV’s performance.It will be challenging to view if you try to position the TV in front of the bay window due to glare. When the sun is shining in, this not only blurs the picture on the TV but also harms your eyes.

So let’s get into the ideas of which setting for placing a TV is the best match in a living room with a bay wall.

1. Side Wall Only

The only place the TV should be placed is in front of a side wall. To ensure that natural light doesn’t interfere with your viewing experience, do this. The glare from the light will make it impossible to view the TV, which will be watched constantly.

The objective is to position the TV such that it won’t be affected by light at all. This is essential. The viewing angle will be favorable if you take the time to accomplish this, and it will seem the way you want it to.

This has the additional benefit of opening up the remainder of the space. It makes more sense to position the TV against one of the side walls.

This will guarantee that the TV can operate as planned while maintaining a visibility of the bay window. The placement of a TV in a living room with a bay window will be discussed in this article along with a few pointers to keep in mind.

2. Block the Light

You might not always have enough room to mount the TV against a sidewall. The design of the living room will determine this. The next stage for the majority of households is to either block the natural light or have the ability to do so instantly.

A good idea would be California window shutters. The light may be suppressed anytime you feel it is required thanks to this. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on shutters, you might consider other light-blocking options, such as thicker curtains.

It all boils down to blocking out some of the light to make it easier to watch TV. Otherwise, the glare will be quite obvious.

3. Don’t Make Bay Window a Focal Point

Make sure the living room is arranged such that the bay window is not the center of attention. Homeowners frequently commit this error, which might start to degrade the TV’s performance.

Your aim should be to create a seamless flow throughout the whole living space. This implies that everything around the furniture or coffee table, which serves as the focal point, should complement the room’s general concept.

This is essential; if you don’t, the room will be out of rhythm. Despite how beautiful they are, bay windows will still stand out no matter what you do to the rest of the living room. This is why you should concentrate on the other components, including the TV and furnishings.

Final Thoughts

Pay close attention to these suggestions on where to place the TV in a living room with a bay window. The front wall or one of the side walls are the ideal locations for a TV in a living room with a bay window. This makes sure that when someone sits down to watch TV, the light won’t interfere with its functionality.

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