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How to Hide Pipes in Bathroom

In many older homes, the bathroom has a very exposed plumbing system which is not something we want aesthetically. The success of a functional, sustainable home depends on the plumbing. However, there are some situations when it isn’t concealed and calls for a lot of piping, which can be quite visibly obvious. Of course, building them inside the walls would be ideal, but what options are there?

Here’s what you can do: Find a solution to hide these exposed pipes under or inside an attractive and functional piece of furniture or décor, or get inventive and incorporate them into the room’s design. Therefore, let’s begin. Create a Cabinet!

So let’s get started.

Different Ways to Cover Pipes in Bathroom

1. Construct a Cabinet

There are ready-made cabinets at every home store. A cabinet gives your bathroom much-needed storage in addition to providing simple access to the plumbing and pipes. Install the cabinet yourself if you consider a DIY warrior. If not, employ a contractor to complete the work.

2. Add a Shelf

You can buy or create a bookshelf to conceal the pipes, depending on where they are running, such as vertically down a tiny nook. If you construct it yourself, you may make space for the pipes in the shelf without taking up more floor space, extend it to the ceiling, and save money.

The great thing about this method is that you can display goods like books, picture frames, souvenirs, and other attractive items on the shelf, completely deflecting attention away from the possibility of pipes hidden beneath.

3. Decorating your pipes

Instead of hiding your pipework, you could choose to embellish it and make it a focal point of your bathroom’s design. For instance, why not wrap with rope and embellish with seashells if you want to produce a nautical or coastal design with motifs evoking the beach, sand, waves, boats, and lighthouses

4. Use Decorative Pipe Covers

Some people will come up with creative pipe cover ideas based on the concept of their room. Think of a beach-themed room. Lighthouse-themed wallpaper borders, beach-themed paintings, an anchor on the wall, etc. are all present. Rope would look amazing wrapped around these exposed pipes.

5. False walls

When extensive structural repair is not an option and it is just not possible to box in all of the exposed pipes in your bathroom, a false wall may be the solution. The most cost-effective move will be to build a plasterboard wall in front of the existing one.

It is best to hire a plumber to make sure that your toilet or sink will fit where it needs to be as well as a builder to construct the wall in this situation. While you’re at it, it’s smart to waterproof your bathroom.

6. Placing storage baskets around pipes

In a single motion, we switch from one of the highest-cost solutions to one of the most economical! You could just reuse some existing storage baskets or buy new ones and arrange them around your plumbing, depending on how much pipework is on the exhibit and where it is placed. But watch out for anything you need to use every day and make sure you don’t block access to it.

Why not think about a bathroom washing basket if your pipes stretch a little higher up your wall? Providing the ideal location for discarded towels or soiled garments can accomplish two goals at once.

7. Fit a pedestal basin

This option is by far the most unquestionably and the most elegant one. To hide unsightly plumbing, both a pedestal basin and a half pedestal basin are effective. However, a wall-hung basin might also be a fantastic option, and several exquisitely crafted bottle traps are available that turn your plumbing into a highlight.

8. Dress your sink up

A sink skirt can be the answer if you want your bathroom to have a more opulent appearance. It’s very simple to do and won’t cost you any money. They are available for internet purchase or, if you’re feeling crafty, you may make them yourself.

All you want is some strong waterproof tape and a fastening method. For the skirt, you can also use recyclable materials. And what’s more, as well as hiding your plumbing, this also provides you with a great storage area for items you want to conceal from sight.

9. Use pipe covers

Sometimes going right to the source of the issue is the best course of action. If you have so much trouble with the pipes, you might want to entirely enclose them. Pipe covers are inexpensive and available online or at your neighborhood DIY store. Typically, these coatings are composed of resin, metal, or wood.

You may choose a pipe covering that blends in with the rest of your bathroom’s design, thanks to the multitude of styles and hues available. They may serve as design inspiration for your upcoming bathroom renovation. Before making the purchase, we strongly advise taking note of the length and diameter of your sink pipes since you must make sure the pipes are adequately covered.

In Conclusion

So cleared with your query about how to hide pipes in bathroom? We hope that one of these suggestions covers pipes in the bathroom works for you. There should be a solution for everyone, from basic to upscale, affordable to pricey.

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