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How to Make Carpet Fluffy Again

When you first buy a new carpet, it is so velvety and soft, but after time, it loses its beauty. While a fluffy carpet will always seem better, a flat carpet is harder to keep looking new and fresh in high usage areas like stairways. But nothing to worry about; there are various techniques to fluff up your carpet that won’t damage the carpet’s fibers and, in many cases, are environmentally friendly.

A carpet’s fluffiness is what makes it attractive, but after some time of continuous usage, it is diminished and the carpet starts to feel hard beneath the feet. That could seem hopeless when this happens, but it is not always the case.

There are several methods for re-fluffing carpets. This method is not at all difficult and doesn’t call for any particular instruments beyond those you presumably already own. It will not only unflatten your carpet but also make them appear brand new. The blow dryer approach, the suction method, the ironing method, and the use of vinegar are some of the key ways to restore the fluffy appearance of your carpet.

Let’s get into a more thorough procedure for doing that as we have experienced a couple of methods and they were proven very useful.

How to Make Carpet Fluffy Again – Follow the Mentioned Ways

1. Using a rug beater

The purpose of a rug beater is to beat and shake dirt and dust out of carpets. It enables you to effectively remove filth that has become deeply ingrained in the fibres of your rug. Using a rug beater may be viewed as archaic, but it allows you to get rid of all the embedded dirt and debris that even the greatest vacuum with brush rollers can only partially replicate. All you have to do to use the rug beater is spread the carpet over a clothesline or railing and beat the dirt and dust out of it.

2. Vacuuming

This can take the place of the rug beater; for more effectiveness, you can attach a brush attachment to the vacuum. To get rid of any dust, pet hair, and loose debris, thoroughly vacuum your carpet. By scattering baking soda over the carpet and letting it sit for at least fifteen minutes, you may take this procedure a step further. The carpet will receive a deeper cleaning as a result of the baking soda’s ability to permeate the fibers and extract embedded dirt and smells.

3. Baking Soda and Salt Method

After vacuuming the carpet, liberally sprinkle it with a one-to-one solution of table salt and baking soda. Use a nylon-bristled scrub brush to massage the mixture into the fibers after misting the area with plain water from a spray bottle. Old towels may be used to blot up any loose dirt before allowing the carpet to air dry. To lift the fibers and remove any residual baking soda and salt, thoroughly vacuum the area.

4. Carpet Rake

This product will assist to revive your old, matted-down carpet and resembles a comb with hard teeth. This product comes in two variations: a carpet rake for high pile carpets like shag carpets and a carpet brush for low pile carpets.

To further fluff up the carpet, repeat the process with the variant that works best for your carpet. This should be done both before and after vacuuming to assist remove embedded dirt. Either concentrate on the matted patches or fluff the whole carpet.

5. Blow Dryer Method

Choose a fresh spray bottle, if possible, and fill it with warm water. Make sure the water is warm rather than hot since hot water can harm the carpet’s fibers. Warm water should be used to matted or flat areas; do not overdo it or the carpet will get soggy as this may eventually cause damage.

Grab your hairdryer and place it near the area you are working on in a power outlet. Turn the dryer’s heat and fan settings to low and high, respectively if the dryer has one. Move the dryer back and forth across the space while holding it approximately six inches away from the carpet.

When the carpet is almost dry, straighten the carpet fibers by moving your fingers back and forth between the fibers. You can brush the carpet many times using a brush that has strong yet soft bristles if the fibers are still not to your liking.

6. Clean With a Steam Cleaner

If you have a carpet cleaner or decide to hire one, steam clean the carpet according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The carpet will appear fluffier by getting rid of the dirt that weighs down the fibers. Additionally, you may pay experts to thoroughly clean the carpet each year.

7. Dampen and Heat the Carpet Fibers

It could be simpler to heat the fibers with iron if the flattened region is large. A cotton bath towel should be wetted with water and wrung out until it stops leaking. Lay the towel on the carpet’s flattened region.

Medium-high heat should be set on a steam iron. To moisten the carpet fibers, place the damp towel on top of the iron and move the iron over the towel for approximately a minute. Take off the towel, then use your fingers or a carpet rake to fluff the fibers. If required, repeat, then vacuum the cleaned area.

8. Ice method

If there are many dents in the carpet, lay at least one piece of ice on each one after getting some ice from the freezer and placing it on the matted areas of the carpet. You’ll need to add more than one ice cube if the dent is broader than 5 cm.

Allow the ice to melt on the dents after applying it. The time it takes for the ice to melt entirely can range from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how much ice you put on each dent and the temperature of the surrounding area.

Use a fresh cloth or towel to blot up the water when the ice has melted. To avoid bleeding color onto your carpet, be sure to use a white-colored cloth or towel once again. To prevent further flattening of your carpet, gently tap the water out of the carpet.

Tips to Keep Your Carpet Fluffy

  • To avoid excessive flattening, turn heavy furniture and accessories often.
  • To spread the weight of heavier goods, place furniture coasters under the legs.
  • Regularly vacuum the carpet, ideally once each week.
  • To avoid significant soiling, take your shoes off inside the house.
  • To lessen the quantity of dirt carried into the home, place doormats on the inside and outside of entrance doors.
  • Seasonal carpet deep cleaning.


These methods above are really helpful to make the carpet fluffy. If nothing works you can always hire a professional to handle all the necessary work for you, regardless of whether you have already attempted to address the flatness of your rugs and carpets or you just don’t want to ruin their beauty anymore.

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